About us

Multi Tax is a new, innovative and flourishing service for an official taxi call at reasonable rates without calling an operator. You can call a taxi on the site or through mobile application only by pressing one button of your smart phone. The main task of our company is the opportunity to provide any interested person with taxi services in an instant and comfortable way.

We help to call a taxi by the most comfortable means and to get the service at the earliest possible moment.

The search of a car will be made among all the taxies registered in taxi service of your city. Our goal is to reduce the number of intermediaries between a taxi driver and a client. In such a way we maximally decrease payments collected from drivers. We understand that the most important thing for a taxi driver is to be in charge of his own time and to be financially independent. For this very reason our taxi drivers decide themselves when to start working, what order to take and how much to earn.

Our mission is to improve constantly cooperation of passengers and drivers and to help people navigate towards their goals.

We give passengers the opportunity to call a taxi by any comfortable means, and drivers can improve search process and carriage of passengers, reduce vacant run and idle periods. We are always in touch! Our support service works 24 hours, 7 days per week, call +372 5580333.

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