For clients

Did you face with rudeness of operators? Did you fail to get through to a taxi company? Or they might have no free cars. Now there’s no need to call anywhere to call a taxi!

MultiTaxi is an easy and quick means of calling an official taxi from your cell phone according to beneficial rates without calling operator. You can call a taxi on the web-site and through mobile application MultiTaxi for iPhone and Android.

If you cannot find a taxi via our application – you always can call to operator by phone +372 666 9999 and order a taxi with a best rates: Start 1.95 eur, 0.45 eur/km

Why MultiTaxi?

Using application MultiTaxi you don’t have to call all taxi companies in search for a free car, as it is not far from you, but you can’t find it. MultiTaxi has found the solution of your problem. We unite all taxies of the city. Having placed the order in our company, you get the nearest free car and in this case you don’t have to pay for anything!

Do you know that the cost of the call to operator numbers of taxi providers with brief numbers is 0.27 eur/min?

You don’t have to think about the cost of the trip. We’ll find the quickest, the safest and not expensive solution. You will see the indicative cost of the trip without taking into account idle time right on the display of your phone. Having placed the order you can decline it, if the cost doesn’t suit you. You can watch the taxi you called on the map in online mode.

MultiTaxi will save your time, money and nerves! Trips with us are the guarantee safe and comfortable delivery of you and your loved ones to necessary address!

The advantages of the service

  • a convenient way of call of a taxi
  • instant search of a car, taking into account the passenger’s preferences
  • the application shows detailed information about the driver and his car
  • the movement of the driver is seen on the map
  • beneficial rates
  • average time of a car delivery is 5-7 minutes

You can call a taxi through a mobile application MultiTaxi by one of 3 means

1. Call a taxi – an instant call with the help of one button

To make the order chose the appropriate price range, if necessary change the address or enter it by hand, press the button “Call a taxi”. The nearest free car will get to you. You can keep track of information about the car and arrival time in your smartphone. If you want to know the indicative cost of the order, you should indicate your destination.

2. Select from the list – to make the order chose the taxi you like from the list and press the button “Call”.

3. Offer a price – call the taxi at your own price. It’s a unique service of MultiTaxi

Taxi at the client’s price

Everybody agrees that while calling a taxi the main criterion for choosing this or that carrier for the majority of people is the price and then comfort. Each of us wants to find a company with reasonable prices for a taxi, but without compromising the quality. MultiTaxi works for a client, doing its best to provide the client with comfortable and the most pleasant trip at reasonable price.

But sometimes it happens that you don’t have enough money for a trip or you want to save, or on the contrary, it’s impossible to find a car at the low rate. In some cases drivers refuse to drive you to the country or pick you up from there. In this context we recommend you to use the service “Taxi at the client’s price”.

The advantage of the taxi at client’s price is that the cost of the trip is fixed by the client!

How does it work?

To use this service you should indicate your departure location and destination point. This option will give you the idea about the price and distance. Further, having pressed the button “Offer the rice”, the program will offer you to enter your desired cost of the trip. After that we’ll start looking for a car at your price.

We don’t create a new taxi, we make taxi service more available! Download mobile application MultiTaxi today and make sure how comfortable it is!