For drivers

Start working and earning with MultiTaxi. It’s a new, innovative and flourishing service for a taxi call without calling an operator.

Our goal is to reduce the number of intermediaries between a taxi driver and a client. In such a way we maximally decrease payments collected from drivers.

We understand that the most important thing for a taxi driver is to be in charge of his own time and to be financially independent. For this very reason our taxi drivers decide themselves when to start working, what order to take and how much to earn.


Join the service to get additional orders


You don’t have to refuse from collaboration with existent operator. Use the application only in your free time to get additional orders


The client chooses himself the car he needs. The driver chooses himself the area of call acceptance. No queues


To become our partner you only need the application for a taxi, smartphone and Internet

MultiTaxi Driver – is an excellent opportunity to earn more! Join us! It’s easy to become MultiTaxi Driver and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Install our application right now and enjoy all the advantages!

Main opportunities and advantages

  • free installation and connection for 5 minutes, there’s no need to go anywhere
  • you can start getting income right after simple registration
  • no need for radio set and contact with operator
  • you need a smartphone and Internet only for you work
  • quality and operability
  • work in your taxi company and get additional orders from us
  • application can function in the background together with other applications of a taxi
  • the nearest driver to a client gets the order
  • the driver himself determines the range of taking orders
  • honest and equal conditions for ALL the drivers
  • absence of compulsory payments – you pay for taken orders only
  • remuneration of the best drivers according to the results of each month
  • the system of discounts in case of car branding
  • if necessary the equipment is supplied

How to connect to MultiTaxi?

  1. Download free application MultiTaxi Driver to your Android or IOS
  2. Open the application and fill in the form with your personal information and information about your car (current taxi license is required)
  3. Wait for approval of your form
  4. Get orders

Download TTK Driver